Black Friday 2023

in MyPlantCake Online School

23-24th of November

MINI-COURSES are on sale!

You will have an opportunity to purchase any of my mini-courses for an extremely low price with one year of access.
No bundle requirements will needed. Choose one and get the lowest price!


25-26th of November

For the first time, you will have an opportunity to purchase my formula on how to turn any raw cake recipe into a sugar-free option by making a carbs-free keto-friendly dessert.

You will get 2 hours of pre-recorded webinar where I explain how to attract customers with different diseases (diabetes, epilepsy, metabolic syndrome, autism, Glut1 deficiency syndrome, multiple sclerosis, etc.).

Learn more about Keto Cakes Webinars

27-28th of November

You can buy my Dairy-free Ice Cream Course with one year of access for less than the price of two store-bought ice creams.

Learn more about Dairy-free Ice Cream

Nov, 29 - Dec, 1st

You can buy my three pre-recorded webinars about the cake business - everything you need to know how to start a cake business from home (including pricing and marketing strategies). These webinars were only a part of the business module in the Fundamental course.

Learn more about Cake Business Webinars

13-15th of November

Unicorn Course

Expect to receive a huge discount to join the Unicorn Course with one-to-one support. You can start the course when ready, but no later than February 1st, 2024.
Only three days of a huge discount.
Limited places.

Sold Out

16-20th of November


Special conditions with a s lower price to join my signature course about healthy, allergy-friendly desserts - the Fundamental course. You can join the course only within these days and start it anytime until February 1st.

Package "BEST FOR MOMS" is with 50% discount.


19-20th of November


You will have only two days to join the Nut-free Plant-based Cake Course at a minimal price without my support. This is the only course where you will learn how to make cakes without nuts, seeds, and without coconut oil!


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