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Healthy, vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free
Showstopper. Bestseller for kids parties

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Take this Course and Gain the Opportunity to Sell Your Own Cakes starting at $250!

This cake was a bestseller in my shop. Mom and young-adults are willing to buy them for $250 or more, not only because of its unique and beautiful look but also because it is VERY HEALTHY!

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Allergy Friendly

All recipes are:
vegan (no eggs, no dairy)
gluten and soy-free
nut-free (one of the recipes)

No Refined Sugar

The cakes are colored with fruits, berries, vegetables, and superfoods. You can proudly sell the healthy cakes you learn to make as 100% natural, vitamin filled, and nutrient filled.

Natural Colorants

I will color the cakes with fruits, berries, vegetables and superfoods.
You can proudly sell it as a 100% natural, full of vitamins and nutrients healthy cake!

During the course, we will create six cakes!

Cake #1. Heart Cake (Raw Cake)

Features of this cake include:

  • Cake-bestseller in your shop (and not only for Valentine's Day)
  • Triple Chocolate cake recipe (dark, milky and white chocolate layers inside)
  • Original chocolate velour recipe
  • Tips how to put edible 24K gold on a velour coating
  • All nuances about defrosting, storing and delivery cakes with velour

Cake #2. Mickey Mouse (Raw Cake)

Features of this cake include:

  • Option for Minnie Mouse Cake
  • Cookie'N'Cream cake recipe in coconut and chocolate versions
  • Tempering chocolate techniques
  • Tips and tricks to achieve a natural deep black chocolate color
  • Tips for making gray chocolate
  • Detailed video of making a bow (I tested 5+ ribbons and types of bow. I found the perfect one!)

Cake #3. Sunshine Unicorn (Baked)

Features of this cake include:

  • baked chocolate cake with avocado chocolate cream
  • vegan white chocolate ganache frosting made from scratch (no store bought white chocolate!)
  • no eggs, dairy, gluten, or soy
  • no nuts, no peanuts
  • diabetic friendly recipe option
  • colored with turmeric and other superfood powders
  • simple eye, horn and ear design (not edible)

This cake is perfect for a young child’s birthday because of its completely allergy friendly ingredients. Serves up to 16 people and can be sold to customers starting at $200!

Cake 4. Showstopping Unicorn (Raw Cake)

Features of this cake include:

  • raw plant-based fruity-vanilla cake with 4 different layers inside (strawberry, blueberry, lemon curd, raspberry)
  • white chocolate cashew cream frosting
  • no eggs, dairy, gluten, or soy
  • no peanuts
  • colored with raspberries and other superfood powders
  • edible raspberry chocolate horn
  • fancy eye and ear design (not edible)

Perfect cake for children of any age! This cake can serve between 20-22 people and can be sold to customers starting at $250.

CAKE #5. Love in the Air 


Baked Cake.

A neutral decoration idea suitable for any occasion. You can make it for Baby Shower (like I did), for Birthday, for Anniversary, for Gender Reveal and even for wedding.

Inside baked chocolate cake with hazelnut frosting and coffee filling.

Cake #6. Strawberry Flamingo Cake

Baked Cake.

One more universal design with a classic flavor: vanilla sponge with mascarpone filling, strawberry mousse and strawberry jam.

This is my to-go recipe for all wedding cakes.

Story Of The Cake


When I first started in the cake industry in Miami, I was selling my cakes for anywhere between $50 and $95 dollar. I struggled to find the right way to elevate my cakes to the point where I could increase my prices while making my customers even happier. I wondered how I was going to conquer the market of more expensive cakes without switching to the wedding cake industry.

Yes, bakers can accept orders for cakes to serve 35+ people and are 2-3-4 tiers, but these orders are not every day sales, take a great deal of time, and can be very stressful.

One day, a woman approached me about making a vegan cake for her 21st birthday. She wanted me to create a unicorn cake so amazing that it would blow the minds of all of her guests! I worked diligently to create the best unicorn cake with all healthy ingredients that I possibly could. The cake needed to be beautiful but also tasty and healthy. Once I was finished, the cake was an absolute hit and sold for $250! Since that day, this cake has become a bestseller in my shop.

During this course I want to show YOU that even small cakes can be sold with a fancy price! Customers will be lining up to buy this product from you! These cakes are so popular, that I can say with confidence that you will be on back-order from the volume of customers.

These cakes are unique, have show stopping designs, are Insta-worthy, have a huge WOW effect, are 100% natural and plant based (also gluten and soy free and refined sugar free), and of course, are extremely delicious!

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What's In The Course

  • Five recipes for 100% natural cakes without eggs, dairy, gluten, soy, or refined sugar (one option with no nuts)
  • Two no-bake, raw plant based cakes with four fruity layers that provide a real unicorn look both inside and out!
  • Three fully baked, one of them is nut-free chocolate cake that is perfect for individuals with allergies and little kids.
  • Two white frosting recipes, with and without nuts. Both can even be used if you need to create a wedding cake in the future.
  • Four unique designs.
  • Two options for non-edible parts: eyes, ears, and horns.

What You Will Learn

  • How to make 100% delicious cakes from scratch that are plant-based, gluten and soy free, and have no refined sugars.

  • How to stop using store-bought vegan butter and vegan shortening with unhealthy ingredients. such as canola, palm, soybean oils, and other unhealthy ingredients.

  • How to make white vegan chocolate from scratch.

  • How to naturally color white vegan chocolate cake with natural products such as fruits and veggies.

  • How to make modern chocolate velvet coating.

  • How to make ombre velvet coating.

  • How to make an edible chocolate horn.

Bonus One: Includes a special video showing how to make perfectly smooth and straight frosting coating with zero stress! Even if you have never frosted cake before, you will have perfect results on the first attempt, guaranteed.

Bonus Two: I will give you the perfect recipe for individuals with diabetes. This is a great niche in the cake baking industry!

Bonus Three: I will show you how to elevate the unicorn cakes even further by adding fresh flowers. You will learn how to properly isolate the flowers from the cream.

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After Taking the Course

  • You will start selling expensive, gourmet cakes daily.

  • You will be able to serve a wide range of customers who are egg, gluten, soy, dairy, and refined sugar free. Healthy vegan cakes are the fastest growing niche in the cake business right now!

  • You will no longer need to use artificial colorants for your cakes now.

  • You will be able to easily integrate the chocolate velvet design into baked or no-bake cakes, or even for weddings!

  • You will be able to start selling delicious and allergy-friendly, plant-based white chocolate without refined sugar as an up-sell product in your store.

  • You will be able to show your expertise by offering an extremely unique product. You can say with certainty that your cakes are allergy, gluten, soy, dairy, and refined sugar free for babies, young children, young adults, and even adults! This course will strengthen your reputation and instill trust in all of your customers.

I know that investing over $500 to the education is really a big money for any cakemaker. I created this course to put any cake business into next professional level. Once your customers see these cakes with modern velour techniques, they will no any doubts that you're only a homebaker that have just a hobby to make cakes. 

To help you with a decision, I am ready to talk with you before you buy a course. I will tell you if you're ready for this velour technique and if this course helps you to increase your income.

Simply click on the button and write me a little bit about your goals and about your experience in caking. I will reply during 24 hours.

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One Time Payment

6 cake recipes and designs
3 recipes of chocolate velour
Unlimited colors for velour

All bonuses mentioned above

Modern educational platform with pre-recorded videos in 4K quality (access from any device)

Lifetime access to the course

One-to-one private WhatsApp chat with instructor during 6 months

30 min x 2 sessions via skype with instructor to talk about your business

Enrollment Closed

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get the access to the course immediately. You can start anytime. All videos are pre-recorded.

You can finish the course in 4-6 weeks, but it's a self-passed online course with pre-recorded videos.


Yes, please expect to invest around $60-$70 into special equipment for velvet coating.

Also, you will need a high-speed blender, with minimum power of 1000 watts. Please, watch my Youtube video, where I show that even a quite cheap Ninja blender for $60-$70 can make everything that is required in this course.

All the cakes we will be making use 5"/12cm and 6"/15cm cake rings/molds. Usually, it's an essential equipment of any baker.

Also, please note kitchen scales and an infrared thermometer for chocolate are required.

For the full equipment and ingredient list, please send me a request on [email protected]

Of course! You will get very detailed videos of each process, of each cake and decorating element!

Also, you will have my everyday support. You can ask any questions anytime. I usually answer very quickly (within a couple of hours).

You definitely can create this cake for your princess and who knows, maybe after your family party, your friends will order the same Unicorn from you?!

All sales are final. We do not offer refunds for online courses.

If you're wondering about my style of education, please watch this carrot cake master class. The same quality of video, 3-angle camera view and same style of explanation is used for all my online courses including the Unicorn course.

If you have any questions before purchase, please, feel free to email me [email protected]

Reviews of My Customers

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New Baked Cakes

These two cakes are added in November 2020 to give you an opportunity to start selling cakes for huge occasions and even weddings.REMEMBER: all my cakes are plant-based, gluten and soy-free, without refined sugar and no artificial colorants. Also, I do not use any store-bought vegan butters or shortenings. 100% natural and pure cakes!

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