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Beginner Level. For moms and all health conscious people.

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This online course is created for busy moms that would like to influence good sweet tooth eating habits in their children. This course is for everyone with a dream to stop craving refined sugars and shift to a healthy lifestyle.


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What You Get

4-week Intense Culinary Training

The structure of the course is divided into 4 weeks. You will learn how to make 25 healthy desserts and will get numerous component recipes (plant-based milks, jams, spread, sauces etc).
You will have 6 month access to the course.

Weekly Meal Plan for Desserts

Each week you will create enough desserts to feed your family next 1-2 weeks. Each week we will make a healthy breakfast, tart and cake, and also two more recipes that are different each week (ice cream, truffles, cookies, granola, nutella, fudges).

Theory and Practice Every Week

I will teach you the techniques and skillsets to create healthier desserts faster, while explaining each milestone with an easy to remember guide. Raw desserts are not baked! Nothing can be burned, overmixed or undermixed. Everyone can make it!

"I little more difficult than anticipated, but I had no problems getting through. I like a challenge. I learned so much from you. Great tips and tricks. So much useful information! These recipes were beautiful & delicious. I feel so accomplished! My freezer is packed full of goodies for my upcoming birthday. I look forward to learning more from you."

Lisa Baker
100% gluten-free, plant-based & raw

"Oh my it is sooooo delicious!!! Olga this is one of the best things me and my husband have ever tasted!! I canโ€™t wait for my youngest son to get here and taste it! Heโ€™s 14 And he is also vegan, soy, corn and gluten free!! Thank you so so so so much for these delicious desserts!"

Jennifer Sherwood-Cockrell
health conscious mother

"Thank you so much! Learning a lot and my family is enjoying all the delicious desserts. Everyone loved it, my older son asked if he can have it for every morning lol"

Lazarina Sirakov
mom, yoga lover, limit refined sugar and dairy

Week 1 "Classic Nut & Seed Journey"


Why and how to soak nuts?
Why and how to sprout nuts?
Dehydration (inc. oven recommendations)
Nut Pulp vs. Flour Vs. Meal
Coconut oil vs. Coconut Butter vs. Cacao butter
Tart and cake decoration technics


Chocolate Mocha Chia Breakfast
Mascarpone Tart
Almond Chocolate Fudges
Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
Salted Caramel Cake
Bonus. Keto Almond Tart

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You will create a homemade nut milk with three options of natural flavorings.
We will also make sprouted almond butter and homemade coconut manna (you don't need a super powerful blender for this).
Expect to spend up to 1-3 hours per day

Desserts from the 1st Week

You will make all these treats by yourself. Vegan (no dairy, no eggs), gluten-free, soy-free and refined sugar-free

Week 2 "Vanilla and Fruits"

We will be focusing on refreshing treats packed with amazing fruits, berries and, of course, vanilla flavor. Great for people with cacao/caffeine intolerance


Introduction to raw binder ingredients
Psyllium Husk as a jelly agent
Nut-free milks
Piping technics using raw vegan cream
Homemade Plating Practice


Raw Fruity Muffins for Breakfast
Coconut Ice Cream
Raspberry White Chocolate Fudge
Acai Zebra Cake
Strawberry Pistachio Tart


We will create such component recipes like creamy coconut milk and brazil nut milk, Strawberry Jam and Pistachio Creme. We will discover a new level of decoration to bring your skill into more professional level

Desserts from the 2nd Week

You will make all these treats by yourself. Vegan (no dairy, no eggs), gluten-free, soy-free and refined sugar-free

Week 3 "Nut-Free Treats"

No any nuts this week. We will be focusing on sprouted ingredients and natural sweeteners like dates and bananas


Process of sprouting buckwheats
Wet and dehydrated sprouted buckwheats in the recipes
Continue to explore psyllium husk and chia seeds as a thickener agents


Sprouted Carrot Cake Porridge Breakfast
Sprouted Buckwheat Granola
Nut-Free Tahini Truffles
Sprouted Raspberry Cake
Lemon Curd Cake



This week we will be minimally using maple syrup. We will offer for you dates and bananas as the main sweeteners. Lets try to switch your family on natural sweeteners. Homemade oat milk is the main liquid this week.

Desserts from the 3rd Week

You will make all these treats by yourself. Vegan (no dairy, no eggs), gluten-free, soy-free and refined sugar-free

Week 4 "Hazelnuts and Chocolate"

Nothing can be more delicious than combination of sprouted hazelnuts and raw plant-based chocolate


This week we will be focusing on more complicated recipes, more steps, more levels and layers, more fancy decoration.
Intro to raw chocolate without dairy, refined sugar, lecithin and other emulsifiers


Best Cacao Drink for Breakfast
Sprouted Hazelnut Nutella
Hazelnut Praline Truffles
Chocolate Cherry Roll Cake
Raspberry Chocolate Cake
Strawberry Basil Cake


In my store, Hazelnut Chocolate flavor is the most desired by my customers (and also the most expensive). And I'll give you so delicious and wholesome recipes that you will never go to the store for a cake

Pricing Options

Next enrollment in February-March.

4-week course

30+ recipes & numerous components

Private Facebook Group Membership

BUSINESS MODULE about sales, own menu and cake costing

Printable ebook of the whole course

3-months everyday support from instructor via private WhatsApp chat

6 months access (possible to extend for additional charge)

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's a self-passed online course. You will get an access to online educational platform with all lessons grouped by weeks and days.
The course contains 4K videos with three angle camera view, theoretical materials in form of lectures and instructions, and also assignments without due dates.

You can progress through the course at your own speed. However, depends on the package you buy, you have a limited access to the course of 6 months.

  • This course is for beginners. I would say, this course is for those who has never made not only raw desserts but any other desserts as well (or made a couple of times).
  • This course is for everyone who wants to learn how to make desserts and cakes without eggs, dairy, gluten, soy, refined sugar and artificial colorants.
  • This course for those who like a batch cooking (or meal prep) and want to achieve the same system for desserts.
  • This course is for moms to treat your kids with clean and healthy desserts.

My goal is to bring a healthy habit to your family! I totally understand that we cannot live without sweets and no celebrations without a cake. And I also know how hard to find a cake that can serve a gluten intolerant person, make happy a vegan family member and satisfy a loved one who suffers from diabetes. I will show you how to combine these all restrictions into one cake.

This online course is for you if you feel that you and your family need something better than a cake with sugar, white flour and dairy/margarine.

All recipes that we will make together are raw vegan (no eggs, no dairy), gluten and soy free, and do not contain refined sugars and artificial colorant.

Please, note that we will be using almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, seeds and coconut in the course.

  1. First and the most important equipment you should have is a stand blender, preferably high-speed. The minimum power of the blender that I recommend is 1000 watt. 
    Please, watch my Youtube video where I show that even quite cheap Ninja blender for $60-$70 can make everything that is required in this course.
  2. Second equipment is a food processor. But please note, you can do all recipes without a food processor (just use pulse method into your blender).
  3. Third equipment and it is totally optional is a dehydrator. However, i will give you the information how to use your oven if you don't have a dehydrator (honestly, I do not expect that you have it :)))
  4. Last, the fourth equipment that I recommend is electronic scale. I will provide you all measurements in cups but I highly recommend to start using scales for higher performance at the kitchen.

This is the biggest challenge that faces all my students.

  1. First, if you're here, you want some changes in your life, and I am here to make it healthier and better even with sweet treats.
  2. Second, I will give you the best schedule. You will work with me only 4 days per week (Thu-Sunday) and only up to 3 hours per day. As a result, your fridge will be full with wholesome desserts for next one-two weeks.

    That is why even though the course contains 4 weeks of education, I am giving you 3-6 months access (depends on the package you purchase). So, take your time, follow the first week and have relaxed and full of sweets next two weeks. Enjoy the treats with your family. And then start the second week, and have the same schedule.

    Does it sound great?

Facebook group is a traditional community group where we introduce each other, share our thoughts and give the advises to the fellows.

Private Whatsapp chat is available for both packages now (for $99 payment plan and for $497 one time payment). Whatsapp private chat with a teacher is an immediate help from me. It's a chat where we talk privately, only you and me. It's not a group chat. Are you in the store and not sure what miso paste or vanilla extract to choose? You don't know what brand of spatula to buy? Your salted caramel is too thick? All these questions you can ask in Whatsapp chat, and the answers are going to be delivered as soon as possible.

WhatsApp chat is available for you six month from the date of enrollment. During these six months I will help you with your business as well. Any questions that you may have, I will cover!

All sales are final. It's a digital product, it means no returns and no refunds.
If you have any questions before purchase, please, feel free to email me [email protected]

My style of education you can watch on my YouTube channel.

Hello, my dear cakelovers!

My name is Olga and I have been making and selling vegan gluten-free cakes for over 3 years. I have sold over 2000 cakes for a variety of customers varying in dietary wants and needs with only 50% of clients being strictly vegan.

I have customized my speciality cakes to an array of allergies and special requirements. From mothers who trusted me with their child’s 1st birthday cakes, to diabetics seeking low sugar options, to buyers with celiac, epilepsy, and cancer, I have helped to customize healthy and safe food options for all. Because of my specialized approach to the ingredients I use, and the detail that goes into my cakes, many doctors have recommended these specialty cakes as well.

Because of the nutritional value, wholesome components, and their delicious taste, I want to bring my knowledge to each family and individual. That is why
I created my first ever course A-DESSERT-A-DAY for beginners as a new way to step foot into a healthier life- style. So, let’s get started!

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