Plant-Based Ice Cream

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Healthy plan-based ice cream recipes without eggs, dairy, gluten, soy, palm oil and without refined sugar! No ice cream machine is needed!

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In this Ice Cream Course, you will find all classic flavors! Course created for beginners and doesn't require any specific knowledge or ice cream machine. 


All recipes are vegan and do not contain dairy or eggs.


All recipes are free of gluten, soy and palm oil. Over a half recipes are nut-free.

Healthy Sweeteners

The recipes are based on using coconut sugar or maple syrup (or other liquid healthy sweetener)

You Will Have Two Recipes of Vanilla Ice Cream -

With and Without Nuts.

I Want To Make This Ice Cream

This Online Course is For

Busy Moms

who would like to influence good sweet tooth eating habits in their children

Bakers and Pastry Chefs

to make an additional seasonal income in a niche of allergy-friendly ice creams with minimal competition for now

Health Conscious People

with a dream to stop craving refined sugars and start a healthy lifestyle

People With Allergies

to eggs, dairy, gluten, soy, corn and nuts


enthusiasts, vegans, and vegetarians


who avoids artificial dyes and food additives

11 Ice Cream Recipes

that you will make in this course:

With Nuts:

  1. Vanilla
  2. Coconut
  3. Chocolate
  4. Nutty Pecan

Without Nuts:

  1. Vanilla
  2. Caramel
  3. Very Berry
  4. Matcha Avocado
  5. Sweet Corn
  6. Kulfi
  7. Mango Ginger (sorbet)
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What To Expect - More Details

My goal is to be as clear as possible in the ingredients and allergy information. This is what you can expect from each recipe. Also, I know that a lot of people started avoiding coconut oil. So, here you're are! I am giving you recipes without nuts and without coconut oil.

Popsicles -
This Is What Your Kids Will Love!

Secret Bonuses

I will share with you my secret recipes of

  1. Jelly glaze
  2. Berry jam
  3. Healthy date caramel with a secret ingredient

Enjoy these recipes with ice cream or as a separate dessert for your family (or your store).

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After The Course,
You Will Know How To Make These Ice Creams Easy and Fast At Home!
Without Ice Cream Machine!


Also You Will Learn

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  • 11 video recipes of plant-based ice cream
  • 5 recipes with nuts, and 6 recipes are nut-free
  • 7 recipes out of 11 are oil-free (the other four recipes with coconut oil extra virgin)
  • 3 video recipes of additional toppings (caramel, chocolate, and berry jam)
  • Exclusive recipe of Raspberry Jelly Jam for glazing popsicles
  • All recipes without eggs, dairy, gluten, soy, palm oil, and refined sugar
  • 4K professional videos for each recipe with two angel cameras
  • Video recipes are accessible for people who are deaf
  • 24/7 access to the lessons from  any browser or our App for smartphone

Not included:

  • Support. You learn on your own, we do not answer the questions.

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$64 | Access until Sept, 30

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This package includes everything mentioned in the previous package plus:

  • Lifetime Access to the course
  • Support within 30 days from the date of joining the course
  • Three new bonus recipes that will be added in the mid of July:

(1) Vanilla ice cream based on aquafaba (this is the third vanilla recipe. I promise, you will find your favorite dairy and eggs-free vanilla ice cream in this course! And your kids will enjoy it)

(2) Peach ice cream based on brown rice

(3) Cherry ice cream based on tofu


  • Support within 30 days from the date of joining the course
  • Lifetime access 
$124 | Lifetime access + Support + Bonuses

You Will Learn

  • How to make ice cream  WITHOUT an ice cream maker machine
  • How to make plant-based ice creams with or without nuts, with or without coconut oil
  • How to make soft ice cream without ice crystals
  • How to make ice cream with toppings
  • How to make no boring popsicles
  • How to incorporate superfoods into the recipes
  • How to make ice cream with unusual ingredients like corn, ginger, avocado
  • How to make traditional Indian ice cream Kulfi without special molds
  • How to make any other ice cream flavors that are not mentioned in the list

In nutshell, after the course, you will know how to make your kids and your husband happy and healthy! :) And yourself as well!!!

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