Welcome to My Plant Cake – 

online vegan cookery school where you learn the fundamentals of healthy plant-based cakes.

Ready for?:

  • Weekly refined sugar-free dessert recipes
  • Desserts for your specific needs
  • Vegan sweets
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Life without artificial dyes and food additives
  • Keto and diabetic friendly cakes
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Welcome to My Plant Cake – 

online vegan cake school where you learn the fundamentals of healthy plant-based cakes.

Fundamentals of Healthy Plant-Based Cakes. Online Course

This is the only online cake course without eggs, gluten, soy, corn, palm oil, artificial colorants, and refined sugar.

No coconut meat, Irish moss or other very specific ingredients that are hard to find in any city of this world.

Start creating healthy, allergy-friendly raw vegan desserts in









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Let's Talk If This Course Can Be Helpful For You

Answer YES or NO on the following questions:

☐ You want to avoid high-sugar desserts to start a healthier lifestyle

☐ You or your family members intolerant to some products as dairy, gluten, corn or allergic to soy and eggs.

☐ You aspire to cook tasty and healthy food for your kids with no refined sugars, artificial dyes, food additives, and preservatives.

☐ You or your family members follow medical medium protocol or FODMAP diet.

☐ You or your relatives need to cut sugar intake due to diagnoses like diabetes, epilepsy, metabolic syndrome, autism, Glut1 deficiency syndrome, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Mark if the statement is relevant:

  • You are trying to make healthy cakes using recipes from the Internet, but they taste bad, and your family doesn’t like them
  • You hardly believe it’s possible to make a single cake that meets all individual needs like allergies, gluten/dairy intolerance, sugar content, and food philosophy.
  • You’re sure that healthy cakes require much time and effort
  • You’ve never made cakes before, and it stops you from making a decision
  • You are afraid that you never get along with cooking

...But You Still Believe 

that you can change you and your family's unhealthy habits and feel the same as one of my students:

"It was very very important, for my family I try to prepare healthy desserts without sugar or nasty additives/colors. Because wholesale everything in US has very bad ingredients and additives so I try to make everything from scratch at home. We’re not vegans but we want to eat real food without refined sugar and toxic ingredients. I wasn’t sure in my abilities to prepare something presentable for our celebrations, now not only I prepare for family celebrations but I got the courage to sell for other people’s celebrations."

Lazarina Sirakov, mom of two boys.
Instagram @lazarinas

If you answered at least once YES, so I've got a lot to show you. 

My name is Olga. Thinking about you,
I've created a healthy vegan online cake school MY PLANT CAKE to share


recipes with you and teach how to make healthy desserts with ease!

This Online Course is For 

Busy Moms

who would like to influence good sweet tooth eating habits in their children

Health Conscious

with a dream to stop craving refined sugars and start a healthy lifestyle

Business Seekers

to make an income in a top-tier niche of allergy-friendly cakes with minimal competition for now


enthusiasts, vegans and vegetarians

People With Allergies

to eggs, dairy, gluten, soy or/and corn


who avoids artificial dyes, food additives

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If You Tired

  • looking for healthy and delicious cake recipes on the Internet but all to no avail.
  • spoiling ingredients by remaking recipes from different blogs to fit your needs 
  • recipes that require a half-day.

If You Want

  • to please yourself and your family with desserts that fit a special diet
  • to turn your culinary talent into a successful business and find a niche with minimal competition and high demand
  • to instill healthy eating habits in children

And what’s more,  want to change your life,

then choose the package that suits you best now:

Choose a package

What You Get

3-weeks Intense Culinary Training

The course is divided into 3 weeks. You will learn how to make 40+ healthy desserts and will get various component recipes (plant-based milk, jams, spread, sauces, etc).

Weekly Meal Plan for Desserts 

Each week you need to make a healthy breakfast, tart, and cake. Plus, you'll get 2 more recipes that differ from week to week (ice cream, truffles, cookies, granola, Nutella, fudges).

Weekly Bonus Recipes

Each week provides you with bonus recipes of the cakes from my store. Since they are not included in the main training program, you can make these cakes anytime. 

Theory and Practice
Every Week

Every Week I will teach you the techniques and skillsets to create healthy desserts faster while explaining each milestone with an easy-to-remember guide. Raw desserts are not baked! Nothing can be burned, overmixed or undermixed. Everyone can make it!

Keto and Diabetic
Friendly Cake Recipes

You'll get sugar and carbs-free cakes recipes. I will explain how to convert almost any recipe into a keto-friendly one. Besides, you’ll learn how to sell such cakes and ways to communicate with customers.

Business Module
About Cake Sales

With 5+ years of experience in the raw cake business, I can tell you what would work and what you should avoid. Having over 200 students who started successful businesses globally, I have proof of my expertise.

Ready to get started?

Today is the day! Let's do this!

Change Your Eating Habits Now

Culinary Course Curriculum

Week 1. Basics of Raw Cake Cuisine

You Will Learn:

  1. Why and How to Soak Nuts and Seeds?
  2. Why and How to Sprout Nuts?
  3. Benefits of Dehydration (inc. Oven Recommendations)
  4. Easy and Fast Plant-Based Milks and Natural Sweeteners
  5. Making Own and Difference between Nut Pulp, Nut Flour and Nut Meal
  6. Recipes of homemade ingredients from scratch to cut twice their cost
  7. Fool Proof Recipes With Tips for Successful Creamy Homemade Sprouted Nut and Coconut Butters For Any Blender
  8. How to Work and Difference between Coconut oil, Coconut Butter and Cacao butter
  9. Secrets of Silky and Smooth Cream Consistency
  10. Troubleshooting With Oil Separations
  11. Perfect Tart Shells and Professional Unmolding
  12. Features of Square and Round Cakes 
  13. Simple and Complicated Ways of Cake Decoration
All desserts from the photos including decoration you will make in week 1.
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Week 2. Fruity And Vanilla Flavors

Cakes filled and decorated with fruits and berries that work for people with cacao/caffeine intolerance and are loved by kids.

You Will Learn:

  1. Introduction to raw binder ingredients.
  2. Psyllium husk as a jelly agent.
  3. How to make coconut milk as an alternative to nut milks.
  4. How to make one of the most nutritious milk - Brazil Nut Milk.
  5. What to do with leftovers of nut pulps.
  6. Training piping technics using raw vegan cream to achieve your full satisfaction with a result.
  7. How to achieve crunchy, smooth and jelly textures in one cake.
  8. Easy 5-minute zebra effect in the cake for wow effect.
  9. Natural fresh fruit and veggie colorants for cake.
  10. Plant-based ice cream and 10+ flavor combinations.
  11. Raw muffins and white chocolate fudge for farmer market sales (do not require refrigeration).
  12. How to make 10-minutes raw berry jam.
All desserts from the photos including decoration you will make in week 2.
Almond Salted Caramel Raw Vegan Cake

Almond Salted Caramel Cake

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Week 3. Nut-Free Desserts

No any nuts this week. Also this week we will be minimally using maple syrup. 

Nut-free and naturally sweetened cakes are in demand, especially for toddlers' birthday cakes. The key focus will be on dates and bananas as the main sweeteners this week.

You Will Learn:

  1. Process of sprouting buckwheats.
  2. Wet and dehydrated sprouted buckwheats in the recipes.
  3. Continue to explore psyllium husk and chia seeds as a thickener agents.
  4. Homemade no-slimmy oat milk as the most allergy friendly for kids.
  5. Buckwheat granola as an alternative to oat granola. Best option for farmer market and shipping (does not require refrigeration).
  6. Nut-free energy balls for farmer markets and shipping (does not require refrigeration).
  7. Berry chia jam (second type of jam in the course).

How to convert any recipe into a Sugar-Free and Keto-Friendly dessert.

All desserts from the photos including decoration you will make in week 3.
Lemon Curd Vegan Cake

Almond Salted Caramel Cake

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Week 3. Hazelnuts and Chocolate In Desserts

In my store, Hazelnut Chocolate flavor is the most desired by my customers. And I'll give you so delicious and wholesome recipes that you will never go to the store for a cake. Learned recipes will turn your cakes into real bestsellers!

You Will Learn:

  1. Process of fermentation.
  2. Cake-yogurts with probiotics and suitable flavors for such cakes as well as flavors that better to avoid.
  3. Homemade hazelnut milk and hazelnut cacao drink for kids.
  4. Intro in raw chocolate.
  5. Homemade nutella that doesn't require refrigeration (best for farmer markets and shipping).
  6. Best ever melted in the mouth raw praline truffles and 10+ options for new flavors (based on your knowledge from the course).
  7. Advanced level - raw roll cake to impress even those who are many years in raw or vegan lifestyle.
  8. Advanced decoration techniques.
  9. Understanding lecithin and other emulsifiers.
All desserts from the photos including decoration you will make in week 3.
Lemon Curd Vegan Cake

Almond Salted Caramel Cake

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What Recipes You Will Learn in The Course

Component Recipes

  1. Nut Milks (almond, brazil nut, hazelnut, coconut)
  2. Nut flour and nut meal
  3. Activated nuts (almonds, hazelnuts)
  4. Sprouted nut butters (almond and hazelnut butters)
  5. Coconut butter/manna
  6. Fermented cashew creams
  7. Healthy caramel and 6+ options to flavor
  8. Shiny chocolate sauce
  9. Strawberry jelly jam
  10. Cherry chia jam
  11. Chia tule for decoration
  12. Raw chocolate

Dessert Recipes

I provide from 2 to 10 flavor options to each dessert recipe. So, you can easily multiply this list with a minimum of 2.

  1. Chocolate Mocha Chia Breakfast
  2. Almond Chocolate Fudges
  3. Sandwich Cookies
  4. Raw Muffins
  5. Plant-Based Ice Cream and 10+ recipes for other flavors
  6. White Chocolate Fudge
  7. Best Cacao Drink for Kids
  8. Sprouted Hazelnut Nutella
  9. Hazelnut Praline Truffles and 10+ recipes for other flavors

Cake and Tart Recipes

Cakes from a main program. They are complicated, most likely have a few layers and all of them are required to finish a training successfully.

Each tart can be made in a cake mold and vice versa.

  1. Mascarpone tart
  2. Classic vanilla tart and 10+ options for other flavors
  3. Almond Salted Caramel Cake
  4. Acai Zebra Cake
  5. Strawberry Pistachio Tart
  6. Fermented Chocolate Cherry Roll Cake
  7. Fermented Raspberry Chocolate Cake

Bonus Cake Recipes

Complimentary recipes from my store. They are popular among my customers and have 5-star reviews.

  1. Triple Chocolate Cake
  2. Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake
  3. Chocolate Orange
  4. Matcha Green Tea
  5. Pistachio White Chocolate
  6. Fermented Strawberry Basil Cake
  7. Keto Sugar-free Chocolate Almond Tart (no cashews)
  8. Keto Sugar-free Classic Chocolate Cake
  9. Keto Sugar-free Strawberry Cake
  10. Keto Sugar-free Coffee Brownie Cake
  11. No Sugar Added Key Lime Tart

All The Recipes You Need To Build A Successful Cake Business Are Here

Component Recipes

each of them can be made as a standalone dessert or snack

Dessert Recipes

with providing adjustments to create other flavors

Cake Recipes

5-star recipes well-liked by my customers and students

I want all these recipes now!

Only imagine what skills and how many recipes you’ll master after the course!


  1. Classic vanilla cream
  2. Classic chocolate cream
  3. Classic berry cream (suitable for any berries)
  4. Classic fruity cream (suitable for any berries)
  5. White Chocolate Cream
  6. Mascarpone cheesy cream
  7. Citrus vanilla cream
  8. Chocolate orange cream
  9. Nutty cheesecake cream (can be almond, peanut, pecan flavored)
  10. Pistachio cream
  11. Matcha cream
  12. Tiramisu coffee flavored cream
  13. Classic fermented vanilla cream
  14. Fermented chocolate cream
  15. Fermented basil cream
  16. Five+ ready to go sugar and carbs-free creams

+ A formula to turn any cream above into a sugar-free option.


  1. Classic date and oat crust
  2. Moist activated nut crusts (almond, walnut)
  3. Crunchy activated nut crusts with soft nuts (cashew, macadamia, walnut, pine nuts)
  4. Crunchy activated nut crusts with hard nuts (almond, hazelnut, brazil nut)
  5. No-nut classic flaxseed crust
  6. No-nut chocolate flaxseed crust
  7. No-nut dried fruity crust
  8. No-date shortbread oat crust
  9. No-date pistachio crust
  10. No-date and no carbs almond crust
  11. No-date and no carbs classic almond crust
  12. No-date and no carbs chocolate almond crust
  13. No-date no carbs soft walnut brownie crust

+ A formula to turn any cream above into a sugar-free option.

Mix and Match Creams and Crusts,
Use All Knowledge From The Course And Create

Over 200 New Cake Flavors


My goal is to make you professional raw pastry chefs who cope with any requirement as an allergy to ingredients, product intolerance at ease, and never wonder: What To Do With This Order?

You Will Grow Confidence and Professionalism Working with Raw Cakes!

I want to become a raw pastry chef

Hello, my dear cakelovers!

My name is Olga Mankova, and I have been making and selling vegan gluten-free cakes for over 5 years. I have sold over 3000 cakes for a variety of customers varying in dietary wants and needs with only 30% of clients being strictly vegan.

I have customized my speciality cakes to an array of allergies and special requirements. From mothers who trusted me with their child’s 1st birthday cakes, to diabetics seeking low sugar options, to buyers with celiac, epilepsy, and cancer, I have helped to customize healthy and safe food options for all. Because of my specialized approach to the ingredients I use, and the detail that goes into my cakes, many doctors have approved these specialty cakes as well.

Because of the nutritional value, wholesome components, and their delicious taste, I want to bring my knowledge to each family and individual. That is why
I created my first ever course Fundamentals for beginners as a new way to step foot into a healthier lifestyle.

I know how to make cakes for any allergy requirements and I will teach you to do the same! So, let’s get started!

Save Your Spot In The Course

How is The Course Going


It is a 6week course during which you can master all the necessary skills to apply them "on the spot".

Me and your personal instructor will motivate and support you since my task is to change your life and teach you to make raw, healthy cakes like a pro!

Your studying will take place on a platform where you need to create a personal account. Once you log in, you will see the course divided into weeks. Each week is divided into 4 days. Each day contains video recipes and theoretical lectures.

Video recipes are divided into logical parts of 5-15 minutes for easy watching and following.

In total, you have a 3-week education and 6 weeks to complete it with our support and feedback to your assignments.

Format 24/7

All lessons are pre-recorded and available 24/7 into your account. You can watch videos, read lectures and do assignments at any time when you want from any country and city in this world.

To complete each week you need 4 days of 1-3 hours each. The course is divided into logically structured days, beginning on Thursdays and ending on Sundays.


  1. Question section after each lesson – you’ll get the answer during the next 24 hours.
  2. Community Facebook Group with friendly students who are ready to help you anytime.
  3. Six weekends of WhatsApp group chat where the instructors of our school will be answering on all urgent questions daily.
  4. WhatsApp chat with me, your teacher, each MONDAY. I will comment your works and answer all current questions.
  5. Checking homework by your personal instructor of our school.


Depends on your package, you will get:

  • 6-month access to the course
  • 1 year access
  • or lifetime access

You will have a possibility to buy a lifetime access.

Though we don’t provide feedback for your assignments after 6 weeks of support, you still can ask your questions on the Facebook Group. Once joining my community, you’ll forever remain its member.

I am Ready to Join

Why this course and not others? 

I am a practicing pastry chef 

with 5 years of experience in the plant-based cake industry. I am not a blogger or creative chef who writes recipes to impress followers. My recipes get 5-star reviews from the customers, that demonstrates high quality. I can vouch for the success and taste of any recipe due to gained skills and experience.

Easy, fast, and 100% delicious

I am selling 100-150 cakes monthly without any help. Could I cope with so many cakes if my recipes were complicated and time-consuming? Definitely not! I usually focus on a taste and nutritious value and know what flavors are on-demand. This course offers only 5-year bestselling recipes for you to master.

A 5-year experience

When I started in 2016, I didn't have money for advertising, nor investments to rent a store. Most of the time I sold from home. I’ve passed all challenges, fears, and family troubles you may face if decide to start selling cakes from home. Here I'll share tips and strategies to help you succeed during the first year of the cake business.


I'm not too active on social media and definitely not a public person. I know what a great challenge for an introvert is to start a business. However, everyone wants to start a business to make money, right?
That's why I'm here! To share my secrets on how to sell cakes from home and build a personal brand without displaying your private life.

I teach you to create, not copy!

The course gives you a lot of basic knowledge, tips, and tricks to get a high-end result. You’ll dive deeper into raw cake cooking, learn useful info that helps you save time, money, and health during the rest of your life. Moreover, you will be able to create any cake flavor, meeting any allergy requirements!

Stop wasting money

The main rule of my school is "Never throw away ingredients even if something went wrong". If there are any issues, send a picture in the WhatsApp chat, and our team will help you fix the situation.
Since raw cakes don't require baking, you can rest assured your desserts are safe. You'll see how easy and interesting cooking might be!

It's a life changing course

Read my students’ reviews and see for yourself:

Lazarina @lazarinas 

"I feel great since I found you and decided to actually stopped making excuses and started your course. I didn’t believe I can do it, I didn’t believe I would have any orders or anyone will like what I’m making. Now I feel empowered as I have this great knowledge, as I’ve earned a degree in making raw cakes, I have this in me and even if I don’t have huge business now I have the power to grow it step by step, here or anywhere I decide to move. And it feels like I’m not afraid anymore, like I found my passion what I want to do."

Abi @elatakesabite 

"Your course has definitely changed my life for good. It’s given me the power to believe I am capable."

Lisa @lisa.baker.pfm

"It's changed the way I think about desserts, cakes and chocolates. Foods I thought I could never eat again without guilt."

Elena [private IG]

"When I started making healthy desserts, I was so excited and happy! It was like the sun was rising on a whole new world for me!! In love with life and healthy desserts!"

Desislava @greensweetscy

"I can saw i don't want to try any more other sweet treats,  when I know what I can create."

Edita @rawandlovely

"I can say it changed my life to the better, it demonstrated me that there are endless opportunities and possibilities."

I want to change my life and join this course

Bonuses For This Enrollments

Exclusively for this enrollment, I've prepared three life-changing bonuses. Each bonus will enhance your knowledge and raise your professionalism to the next level

Please note bonuses are not included into self-education package.


Additional 12 Cake Recipes

All these recipes were sold in my store and were approved by my customers by rating them with 5-star reviews.

Bonus Chocolate Cakes

Triple Chocolate Cake | Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake | Chocolate Orange

Bonus Bestseller Cakes From My Store

Matcha Green Tea | Pistachio White Chocolate | Raw Tiramisu

Bonus Fruity Cakes

Raspberry Nut-free Two Tier Cake | No Sugar Added Key Lime |Fermented Strawberry Basil Cake

Bonus Keto Sugar-Free Diabetic-Friendly Cakes

Chocolate Almond Tart (no cashews) | Strawberry Cheesecake | Coffee Brownie Cake

I want to enroll!

BONUS #2. Webinar 

How to Turn Any Raw Cake Recipe Into Sugar-Free Option? Keto-Friendly Dessert. 

Three hours of priceless and exclusive information based on my 5 year experience with hundreds of requests for sugar-free cakes.


pages of presentation


minutes of my lecture

You Will Know Everything About Sugar-Free Cakes and How To Sell Them:

1. Difference: Unsweetened vs. No sugar added vs. Sugar-free cakes

2. Diabetic and keto-friendly cakes: what's the difference?

3. Delicious and not recommended flavors for sugar-free cakes.

4. Types of sugar-free sweeteners for healthy desserts.

5. Why not all diabetic-friendly cakes are keto-friendly?

6. Formula to convert any raw cake recipe into sugar-free option.

7. Carbs-free cake crusts: what to put if dates or any dried fruits are not allowed for keto cakes?

8. Recipe examples.

9. How to calculate calories for your cake?

10. How to communicate with customers who ask for diabetic or keto-friendly cake?

11. How to gain the trust and receive an order for sugar-free cake?

12. Answer on the most common question - Keto cakes are low in sugar or no sugar but they are high in fat, what if you want to make cakes for people that want both low sugar and low fat?

PDF file for downloading.

I want to become a student

BONUS #3. Creative Assignment 

Create Your Own Cake

I will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to make a delicious cake from the first attempt without wasting ingredients.

Step 1. How to choose a cake flavor?
How to proceed if you want to sell cakes and create bestsellers?

Step 2. How to check a flavor balance and ingredient pairing?
You can guarantee even before calculating a recipe that the cake will be delicious.

Step 3How to get familiar with various textures and decoration ways?
Coconut oil, coconut butter, cacao butter, fermented, or just soaked cashews?
You will know what to choose for your best cakes!

Step 4. How to create your recipe using the provided rules?
After completing this step, you can create 400+ cake flavors mentioned above at once.

Step 5. How to cook and decorate the cake?
It is my students' favorite part. Last step and certification! Now, you're a professional certified raw pastry chef!


Below you will see the cakes of my students created after finishing this course. All these cakes are their own creations and their own recipes based on the knowledge from Fundamental course.


Click on the photo and you will be directed to the account of the student who created this cake.

I want to do the same!

Cakes of My Students

made for their kids' special occasions and photoshoots.
I promise, you will never order a cake somewhere else after completing this course!

My Students Create Their Own Recipes for YouTube Channel

Vita Sidorkina, super model and a mom of a beautiful Alegra, completed the course in 2020. This is her own recipe of Matcha Latte Raw Vegan Cake.

Subscribe and support this amazing sunshine girl!

I want to do the same


How To Sell Cakes From Home And Where To Find Customers?

This course will be launched first time. The main request from my 200+ graduated students was: "How to sell cakes and where to find customers?". That's why I’ve prepared deep hands-on information and foolproof strategies to help you start a business without investments and earn money immediately after completing the course!

You will study such modules:

Who Your Customers

Your targeting audience (and it's not vegans or vegetarians).
Their fears, desires, and pains.
Why do they choose you?

Your Unique Offer

Creating a local menu
Get rid of the competition
Determining your benefits and values
Customer’s objections processing


How to calculate the cost of your cakes?
A fool-proof strategy to sell at markups (even though you think that YOU would never buy a cake for this price).
Special requests, add-ons and custom cakes

Business Routine

Cake business legalization
Pros & cons of cooperation with restaurants
Delivery and pickup features
Making cakes for same day availability
Ingredients optimization
Packaging, tags, labels
Business cards and brochures
Getting feedbacks
Sales and big holiday offers

Communications with Customers

How to voice pricing without fear to lose a customer?
How to be sure the customer will not reject coz "it’s too expensive"?
How to retain customers after the price is announced?
How to sell what you want and not want the customer asks?
Invoicing and customer emails.

Instagram for Cake Business

How a selling IG profile should look like?
Avatar for business page
Mistakes in the profile description
How to create an active link without a website
Must have highlights to help you sell
Working hashtags for your profile
Instagram visual content strategy
Five options for cake menu without website

Instagram Sales Funnel for Introverts
(Free Method To Sell)

How to sell in Instagram when just posting a photo of the cake doesn't give you customers anymore?
How to build strong relations with your followers:
- Awareness stage
- Education stage
- Assessment stage
- Engagement stage
What to post in each stage with topic examples.
Tactics to write sales posts.

Free Methods To Find Customers

Samlings: free and paid offers
Collaborations with local business
Local facebook groups promotion
Free instagram promotional methods
Local bloggers - how to choose
Live and personal classes
YouTube Videos
Free pdf books and Email marketing

Promotion with Investments
(Paid Methods To Find Customers)

Step-by-step instruction for targeting ads on Instagram and Facebook - make it on your own! 
Video-lecture by a targeting specialist with a 5-year+ experience.

After Finishing A Business Course

  1. You will know who are your ideal customers. You will not be upset anymore if someone didn't buy a cake from you (because you will know why it happened and why he/she wasn't your customer)
  2. You will have an amazing customer service and people will love to order from even if the price is higher than competitors offer.
  3. You learn how to find new customers using active and passive methods, free and paid options.
  4. You will get an Instagram sales strategy for the next 3-6 months.
  5. You will define personal and financial goals for the next 1-2 years.

You will stop buying new and new courses by thinking that you simply can't find a niche for sales. Now you will be able to sell everything and even not only cakes ;)

I am ready to enroll

Cake Business Building Package

As you know, I am a chef who has been selling cakes since 2016. I know that raw cakes are not popular anywhere. I know all your fears and concerns and at the same time I feel your desire to make money by being a mom or even as a side business to your main job. 

This Business Building Package was created for the last enrollment and showed incredible results and feedbacks of my students.

What you will learn in this module:

Basics To Start Cake Business

1. Your targeting audience, their fears, desires and pains.
2. Cake business legalization: pros and cons.
3. Pre-payments and invoicing - why you should take 100% payment before starting working on the order?
4. Delivery and pick up rules
5. Cakes for same day availability - how to offer cakes for today?
6. Packaging, tags, labels
7. Business cards - what is important?
8. Getting feedbacks and how to use it for sales
9. Selling cakes to other businesses (cafes, restaurants, hotels, wholesale) - doest it worth it?

Sales Strategy

1. A fool-proof strategy to sell at markup (even though you think that you would never buy the cake for such price).
2. Menu strategy
3. Special requests, add-ons and custom cakes.
4. How to voice the price without a fear to lose a customer?
5. How to communicate with customers?
6. Give or not to give discounts?
7. How to sell what YOU want but not what the customer want?
8. What to answer when the customer says: Why you call your cakes raw if they're not raw because maple syrup/agave nectar is not raw!

You Cake Menu and Prices

1. Creating your local menu that will be in demand - marketing research.
2. Creating new cakes - choosing textures.
3. Creating a recipe.
4. Calculating the cake cost and why you can't go forward without it.
5. Sales photos.

Included Support

1. WhatsApp Days with Olga in February. So, in January you're focusing on culinary skills and in February, we will work on building your business!
2. Two live webinars with Olga to discuss your questions and individual situations.

Olga is a person who built a home cake business in a new country as an immigrant without knowing the language and local mentality.

No one knows your fears and problems better than the person who has come this way.

Options to Join The Course

Enrollment opened.

Package "Best for Moms"


5-Week Support + Bonuses + 6 months access

Everything you need to know about allergy-friendly raw cakes!

  • main program of 3 weeks of culinary education
  • plus 12 bonus recipes
  • In total, you will get 40+ cake and dessert recipes and 20+ component recipes. 
  • Six months of access to the course 


  • 5 weeks of support by Chef Olga to complete three weeks of education
  • 12 Bonus Recipes

Not included:

x Webinar "How to Turn Any Raw Cake Recipe Into Sugar-Free Option? Keto Cakes."

x Creative assignment to understand how to make your cakes.

x Certification


You can enroll until March 31st.
Next enrollment will be opened in September.


Join With Support + Bonuses

Full Package WIth Certification


6 weeks of Support + Certification + Business Cake Module

Everything you need to know about allergy-friendly raw cakes!

  • main program of 3 weeks culinary education
  • plus 12 bonus recipes
  • In total, you will get 40+ cake and dessert recipes and 20+ component recipes. 
  • Certificate of completion


  • #1: 12 additional cake recipes from Olga's store
  • #2: Webinar "How to Turn Any Raw Cake Recipe Into Sugar-Free Option? Keto Cakes."
  • #3: Creative assignment to understand how to make your own cakes.


  • 6 weeks of everyday email support by Olga to complete three weeks of education.
  • 6-week WhatsApp chat with Olga

Additional Bonus - Access to the course is 2 years.

You can enroll until March 31st.
Next enrollment will be opened in September.

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Your Schedule After Enrolling

Please, check the schedule on laptop instead of mobile phone for more clear understanding when culinary and business courses are start and intersect with each other

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Your Main Achievements After This Course

You will gain skills to prepare tasty raw desserts, which you can adapt to any allergy, medical restrictions, and various demands

You will be able to cook delicious sugar-free cakes to help your family stop eating high in sugar desserts.

You will be surprised how capable you're and how beautiful and delicious desserts you can create! This course will raise your self-esteem. Your family will be proud of you and friends start ordering cakes for their celebrations.

You will feel confident enough to start selling allergy-friendly desserts. Due to a business course, you will learn how to widespread your home business globally.

You will become a certified raw pastry chef! With the portfolio and all theoretical knowledge gained within this course, you can start building a plant-based pastry chef carrier. Who can serve any allergy requirements of all customers? YOU! And if the own business in not for you, you always can find a position of a baker into your local cake store or local restaurant (even not vegan!). I am sure, they don't have such specialist yet!

Become a professional raw pastry chef



You have two month of 24/7 support when me and my team will help and motivate you every day. All your questions will be covered within 1-24 hours. You can work on the course at home, have questions, ask them and get immediate answer from me, my team or even from your fellows. My experience shows that two months is totally enough to finish four week of culinary course and start selling cakes.

Besides, access to course lessons is valid during the next 4 months after you graduate. 

You are becoming a part of a great and friendly Facebook community to share experiences and communicate with other students anytime (Facebook group is not available for Self-Education Package).


Once you join the course, you’ll never throw away any of the ingredients.

Since raw pastry isn’t baked, it's easier to work with. You don’t need to be afraid that your cake will be overcooked. First-time success is guaranteed!

Besides, keeping mind, that we’re here to help and support 24/7. If there are any issues you’re facing, contact us via WhatsApp, and we’ll help you overcome any difficulties to achieve the desired result.

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90% of my students are moms who lack free time and the other 10% – business ladies who have lots of tasks besides cooking. I completely feel you, that’s why I’ve adopted the course for each of you! You can start working on the recipe and stop anytime.

Since I am a mom, I know that sometimes our kids need special attention, that is why I will tell you how to keep fresh all ingredients and half-way recipes to continue the other day!


I am a European style pastry chef, and I work only with grams and milligrams. Even though I am located in the USA, I do not provide you recipes with cups. Why? Just imagine that you need to use 1-1/2 cups of particular nuts. One student will put 200 gr, another one 180 gr, third one 210 gr. And if this happens with all ingredients in the recipe, you will get completely different result (in texture and taste) than me. Thus, be ready to invest $10-$15 into simple digital kitchen scales. Moreover, all famous pastry chefs work with these measurements. 


The main sweeteners that we will use are healthy liquid sweeteners (maple syrup is my to go but you also can use brown rice syrup, agave nectar, coconut nectar, yacon syrup, date syrup). We also will be working with coconut sugar. And for sugar-free cakes I will suggest to use monk fruit sweetener and erythritol. What is wrong with xylitol, you will find in my lectures.

And of course, we will have enough recipes with natural sweeteners like fruits and berries, dry fruits and superfoods.

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We will work work with all possible nuts, seeds and coconut ingredients (coconut butter, shredded coconut, coconut oil). However, there is no recipes with fresh coconut meat in this course because it's hard to find this ingredient all over the world.

If you have an allergy to specific ingredient, please contact me before purchasing the course. For some of cakes, substitutions are possible. If you have a range of nut, seed and coconut ingredients, you still can take the course but only with my one-to-one support where I will be adjusting each recipe for you.


There have been multiple bans on many artificial colorants in countries throughout the world. Yellow food dyes No. 5 and No. 6, as well as Red Dye No. 40 have all been banned in Europe. These dyes, if sold, must come with warning labels on them detailing the dangers of consumption. However, in the US, there are no regulations on toxic dyes, which means that we, our children, and our families, are all at risk. We are here to show you that cakes do not need to have these toxic dyes to be colorful and beautiful. We will teach you how to use fruits and veggies to achieve all desired colors across the rainbow!


To be certified as a raw pastry chef who specializes in allergy-friendly cakes, you should finish the Culinary course in three months. It includes cooking all mandatory desserts (minimum three desserts per week) and completing a creative assignment.

Certificate is not issued on Self-Education Package because we do not collect your assignments and can't evaluate your knowledge.

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Thank you to all my students for choosing my school and me as your mentor. When I read your reviews, I feel that I chose a right way in my life! And I promise to guide you in this healthy trip as much as I can.

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