Pumpkin Pie Cake

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The Only One Recipe For Healthy Thanksgiving

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No eggs
No dairy
No vegan butter
No shortening

Free of

Artificial colorants
Essential oils and extracts


With medjool dates (cake)
With sweet potato (cake)
With maple syrup (decor)
With low glycemic index sweeteners

I'll give you my Original Recipe
that I sell in my store

It means that it was approved and loved by my customers. I am not a blogger who posts everyday recipes. I am a practical pastry chef with over 3000 sold cakes.
I sell this cake for $147 in my store in Miami, FL (USA).

Only Dates as a Sweetener

I developed this recipe up to the healthiest option. For the cake, you will need only Medjool dates as main sweetener. No other liquid sweeteners are be needed (no maple syrup, agave, honey etc).

This cake is a no sugar added recipe! I will show you how to use only dry fruits for the lowest glycemic index and low sugar intake for your family!


You will need only 30 minutes to make the cake!
And the decoration you can make any other day!
Your oven will be free to use for all your other creations on Thanksgiving!

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You Will Learn:

  1. How to choose the best mold for raw no-baked cakes?
  2. How to prepare the mold to get a professionally looked cake like from a high quality bakery?
  3. How to make pecan crust that do not crumble when you cut it?
  4. How to make a healthy raw filling using only dates as a sweetener?
  5. How to combine the main spices of this cake to get the best flavor (fresh ginger, fresh nutmeg, ceylon cinnamon, cloves, all spices and vanilla)?
  6. How to caramelize pumpkin seeds without refined sugar?
  7. How to make a nut-free coconut whipped cream without store-bough vegan butter or shortening?
  8. How to pipe beautiful roses using a coconut whipped cream?
  9. How to safely defrost, pack and deliver raw cakes even in tropical climate?
  10. BONUS MASTER CLASS: how to color chocolate with turmeric? And how to make professionally looked chocolate candies?

Three Designs - Combine All of Them!

I will show you three levels of decoration:

  1. Simple and fast: caramelized pumpkin seeds (requires 10 minutes of your time).
  2. Piped nut-Free coconut whipped cream (requires 30 minutes of your time).
  3. Professional chocolate candies colored with turmeric (requires one additional day of your time).
 Pumpkin Seeds

Video Lessons in This Mini-Course

  • How to choose the perfect cake mold for raw cakes?
  • Cake Ingredients Overview and Substitutions
  • How to open young coconut?
  • Coconut oil vs. Coconut butter vs. Cacao butter
  • Coconut Whipped Cream
  • Caramelized Pumpkin Seeds
  • Non-Crumble Pecan Crust
  • Pumpkin Pie Filling
  • Assembling. Decor #1
  • Professional Unmolding of Frozen Cake
  • Piping Coconut Whipped Cream. Decor #2
  • BONUS Master Class. Raw Colorful Chocolate:
    • Turmeric Colored Chocolate. Tempering process
    • Raw Dark Chocolate. Tempering Process
    • Chocolate Layering. Yellow and Dark Chocolate
    • Unmold Chocolate. Polycarbonate and Silicone Molds

+ Detailed pdf files with a recipes and instructions.

Buy Now With Bonuses

After finishing this mini-course, you can implement your knowledge in wider pastry sphere than you think!

Caramelization Without Sugar

You will know how to caramelize any nuts or seeds. You also can use this method to make a crunchy granola or sweet crackers. I will show you oven and dehydrator methods.

Coconut Whipped Cream

Serve it with fruits, as a parfait layer, an addition to ice cream Pipe it on cupcakes. Also, I will give you a tip how to make it even more stable for using as a cake frosting!

Chocolate Bonbons

Let it be your first experience with raw chocolate and polycarbonate molds! And of course, you will know how to color chocolate with other natural colorants like turmeric.


My Best Deal Ever For My Students!

I want to give the best price ever before Thanksgiving comes. Hurry up! The price will be changed soon!

Chocolate Bonbon Master Class

Turmeric colored bonbons are the great addition to this cake! I will show you how easy to work with chocolate made from scratch!

The Only One Recipe For Healthy Thanksgiving

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  • Recipe of nut-free coconut whipped cream
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  • Exact recipe of the cake from my store
  • Recipe of nut-free coconut whipped cream
  • Bonus: master class how to make turmeric colored chocolate bonbons
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