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This cake is my bestseller. Hundreds of them were sold in my cake shop in Miami, FL.
It has 100% five star reviews.
"The cake was a hit!" is the most common feedback from my customers.

Best Flavor

Hazelnuts + coffee + chocolate + vanilla = best seller in my cake shop!
Would you have it into your menu?


No eggs or dairy.
100% clean and made from scratch.
Safe for kids and pregnant women.


Gluten-free and soy-free.
Made with activated nuts.
No-grain decoration.


Maple syrup or other natural sweetener.
BONUS: a recipe with a zero calories sweetener for keto-friendly cake.


  • How to make professionally looked cake worth of $157 at home?
  • How to temper raw plant-based chocolate made with only 3 ingredients?
  • How easy and fast to make truffles without a separate recipe for it? Literally - 5 minute truffle tutorial will be provided.
  • How to work with silicone molds to make hearts for decoration? (you can sell these chocolate hearts like separate menu items. I do it!)
  • How to make flavorful homemade hazelnut milk to boost a cake flavor without any essential oils and extracts?
  • How to use the wet pulps from the milk in this cake? (no waste or additional recipes)
  • How to make perfect layers?
  • How to safely defrost, pack and deliver raw cakes even in tropical climate?
  • How to work with allergy requirements of your customers when they ask to avoid coffee, sugar, any sweetener, all caffein ingredients etc.
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Detailed multiple-angle camera videos and high quality sound are the main things for successful online education. This mini course contains 11 video lessons with fast and easy tutorials and helpful tooltips.
As a mother of a newborn, I tried to make these lessons helpful for all busy moms. I promise, you will be able to make this cake for your kids even if you never made raw no-baked cakes before.
Please, see some print screens from the videos from this mini-course.


Together with my original recipe, you will get three more options for this cake plus lifetime access.

Kid-Friendly Recipe

This recipe is without coffee. And I will show you how to make it more chocolate than coffee flavored cake.

Carob Based Recipe

Caffein-free recipe with carob for those who avoid not only coffee but also cacao powder and chocolate.

Keto-Friendly Recipe

Zero carbs cake? Yes!
It's the best option for diabetic and ketogenic diets.


Lifetime Access

Only for those who buy this mini-course until December, 25 2022.

12 Lessons of This Mini Course

Lesson 0. Equipment and list ingredients with links to Amazon.com.

Lesson 1. Best pans and tools for raw vegan cakes to make them look professional and $157 worthy.

Lesson 2. Highly concentrated homemade hazelnut milk as the main flavor of the cake.

Lesson 3. The crust with hazelnut pulps.

Lesson 4. Coconut oil vs. Coconut butter vs. Cacao butter. The role and substitutions.

Lesson 5. Hazelnut silky cream.

Lesson 6. Mocha chocolate cream.

Lesson 7. Assembling the cake. Perfect layers.

Lesson 8. Mousse hearts for decoration. Truffles for decoration.

Lesson 9. Safe unmolding of frozen cake.

Lesson 10. Homemade raw chocolate.

Lesson 11. Decoration.

Lesson 12. Shelf life, defrosting, packing, delivery.

+ Four pdf files with four cake options are included (original recipe, recipe without espresso, recipe with carob, keto and diabetic friendly recipe)

You Will Get Four Recipes of One Cake
To Satisfy Any Allergy or Diet Requirements

Each recipe is provided for 6 and 8 inches (16 or 20 cm) cake mold.
In total, you will have 8 recipes!


All The Tips And Tricks You Need To Make A Delicious Cake $157 Worthy

I sell this cake for $157 in my store. And now I am offering to add this recipe into your menu and cover the expenses for this mini-course by selling just one cake.


$78 (-61% off)

Orig. price $199

  • 12 video lessons with detailed tutorials
  • The original recipe
  • Kid-Friendly recipe without coffee
  • Carob based recipe (including  decoration)
  • Carbs-free and sugar-free recipe for ketogenic and diabetic-friendly cake option
  • Each recipe for 6" and 8" (16 and 20 cm) cake mold


  • Lifetime access
  • Support by teacher within 30 days

Offer valid until January, 1 2023.


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Review Of My Customers

(collected on my official store website by official review accelerator yotpo.com)

Yousef A.

So Delicious!

I loved the taste ! I would describe it as a completely new fresh taste, I’ve never tasted a cake like this before. The sweetness is perfectly balanced and the coffee flavor is really good. I loved the kind of chocolate mousse texture with the nuts and the crust, it goes well together. I will definitely try it again !!!

John S.
Best vegan cakes ever (and probably non-vegan too)!

I ordered the Matcha Green cake and the Hazelnut Mocha cake for a birthday party and they were a hit with everyone. There was only one vegan out of 20 people but EVERONE loved the cakes! Thanks Olga! You are awesome! 

Alix Z.

Simply Delicious!!!

The cake size was perfect. The cake was rich yet not overpowering. Very satisfied with the presentation and the flavors. Will love to try other flavors. The best part of it is that is healthy concious and it really has great ingredients.