Raspberry White Chocolate Cake

Plant-Based | GF | Refined Sugar-free

Step-by-step Online Mini-Course with a guaranteed result and flavor satisfaction!

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Raspberry White Chocolate Cake

Step-by-step Online Mini-Course with a guaranteed result and flavor satisfaction!

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Raspberry White Chocolate Vegan Cake

My store bestseller!

This is one of the most delicious cakes in my store. I created it a few years ago, and it made happy kids, girls, lady-bosses and even brides! Yes, it can be an amazing wedding cake or just a perfect gift for any woman!
And did I mentioned that it's an absolute bestseller for a kid's Birthday and Valentine's Day?!

This Cake Recipe is For You If:

  • you need a perfect Valentine's Day gift to impress your loved one
  • you have an allergy to eggs, dairy, gluten, soy or/and corn
  • you want to avoid refined sugars, artificial dyes, food additives and preservatives
  • you're a plant-based enthusiast
  • you're a vegan or vegetarian
  • you're looking for a healthy guilt-free cake for your family event
  • you're a mother who look for 100% delicious and safe cake for your daughter's Birthday
  • you want to make a memorable gift - this cake remember all my customers who ever tried it!
  • you're a baker and need a 100% proven recipe to boost your sales by offering vegan, GF and refined sugar-free option into your store
  • you need a sugar-free cake. So, a bonus recipe for ketogenic diet and a low carb recipe for people suffered with diabetes, epilepsy, autism, some types of cancer and other diseases are created for you!

"The presentation was beautiful and the taste super exceeded my expectations"

Yanina G., my customer


No eggs or dairy
No baked
Safe for kids and pregnant women.


Soy or corn-free
Made with activated nuts
No refined sugar


No Refined Sugar
BONUS: a recipe with a zero calorie sweetener included

If you tired with internet recipes that are not as good as described, this cake is for you!

It's a proven recipe by hundreds of my customers! It's 100% delicious cake because i am not a blogger or a chef who just create and create recipes for one-time posting!

I am a cakemaker who sell all cakes to local families that want to eat healthier sweets! And all my customers are in love with this cake!

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Unique recipe

You buy my unique recipe that I never posted anywhere before. The secret of success of this cake is in balance of sweet and tart flavors with an amazing hint of raspberries.
Each component complements the overall impression!

Cake Worthy $157

In my store, the price of this cake is $117 for 6 inches and $157 for 8 inches cake. And I want you to have this recipe in your family's recipe book. Make it and be proud that you did and save a lot of money for your family!

The cake is made with 100% natural ingredients. It is healthy and 100% safe for kids and pregnant women.


Learn in Detailed Video and Lecture Lessons

Practice (all videos):

Lesson 1. Raffaello Crust (date-free)
Lesson 2. Raspberry Purération
Lesson 3. Raspberry Silky Mousse
Lesson 4. White Chocolate Cream
Lesson 5. Secrets of Perfect Layers. Heart Decoration
Lesson 6. White Chocolate Truffles (two recipes including nut-free option)
Lesson 7. Big 8 inches Cake Decoration. Piping Techniques
Lesson 8. Small 6 inches Cake Decoration
Lesson 9. How to Cut Raw Cakes

Theory (video and lectures):
Lesson 1. Keto vs. Diabetic Friendly Recipe: difference (and recipes)
Lesson 2. Best blenders for raw cakes
Lesson 3. Best pans and tools for raw cakes
Lesson 4. Cacao butter vs. Coconut Butter vs. Coconut oil and how to use them
Lesson 5. How to Activate Nuts for Easy Digestion
Lesson 6. Freezing vs. Refrigeration of Raw Cakes
Lesson 7. How to Store and Defrost Raw Cakes. Shelf Life.
Lesson 8. How to Pack and Deliver Raw Cakes.
Lesson 9. Professional unmolding of frozen cake
Lesson 10. Other Tips and Ideas for This Recipe. Inspiration for Your Own Cakes

BONUS: Ingredient and Tool Lists with links to online stores (Amazon). Buy all ingredients and equipment in one click, or just see what brands I recommend.

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Together with the main recipe of Raspberry White Chocolate Cake, you will get five bonuses.

Bonus #1.

Recipe conversion for 6 and 8 inches cakes. Just grab a mold and make this cake!

Bonus #2.

Two decoration tutorials for 6 and 8 inches cakes including white chocolate truffles, hearts and piping techniques.

Bonus #3.

Tutorial about sugar-free raw cakes. Difference between ketogenic and diabetic-friendly cakes. Who are your customers if you decide to start selling sugar-free cakes. How to talk and sell sugar-free cakes to these customers by creating a trusting relationship?

Bonus #4.

Keto-Friendly recipe (no sugar and low in carbs) for 6" and 8" cake sizes.

Bonus #5.

Recommendations how to deliver the cake even in such tropical climate like in Miami, Florida. So, it will work for any city and country!

You will make exactly this cake like on the video below


By enrolling to this mini-course, you will learn:

  • How to make incredibly delicious cake $157 worthy that has hundreds 5 star reviews from my customers
  • How to make non-traditional date-free crust for raw cakes
  • How to achieve smooth and silky cream texture using any blender
  • How to make raspberry puree easy and fast
  • How to make even layers for three layer raw cake
  • How to work with silicon molds to get heart shaped decoration
  • How easy and fast decorate any cake size to impress everyone 
  • How to pipe using a cashew cream
  • How to make white chocolate truffles
  • How to unmold the cake
  • How to cut raw cake
  • How to pack and deliver raw cakes
  • IMPORTANT: you may ask any questions after each lesson, and I will be happy to answer and help you. So, my support is included.
  • MOREOVER: you will get a lifetime access to this mini-course (if you buy this course for $99).
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The only one recipe of a pink fruity cake that make happy any little girl or impress any business lady! 

I sell this cake for $157 in my store. And now I am offering to add this recipe into your menu and cover the expenses for this mini-course by making just one cake for any of your family celebrations.

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  • Original recipe of my bestseller Raspberry White Chocolate Cake including all steps of decoration
  • 9 practical and 10 theoretical lessons that will give you more than just a recipe of a cake
  • Bonus #1. Recipe conversion for 6 and 8 inches cakes.
  • Bonus #2. Two decoration tutorials for 6 and 8 inches cakes.
  • Bonus #3. Tutorial about sugar-free raw cakes. Keto vs. Diabetic-friendly cakes.
  • Bonus #4. Keto-friendly recipe for 6 and 8" cake sizes.
  • Bonus #5. Recommendations how to deliver the cake in any climate.
  • 30 days access from the date of purchase
  • Support is not included

Offer valid until May, 14 2023.


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  • Providing a detailed feedback about your creation by chef Olga

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Reviews Of My Customers

(collected on my official store website by official review accelerator yotpo.com)

Genesis V.

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift!

I helped plan this gift from my dad to my mom for Valentine's Day, and she was so surprised and happy to see the beautiful cake! She immediately made the cake her new social media picture. She was even more delighted when she tasted it! Our whole family enjoyed this delicious and healthy! treat!

Yanina G.

Amazing work!

This cake was amazing. I was nervous as I’ve never purchased a vegan cake before, I loved it. The presentation was beautiful and the taste super exceeded my expectations. Cannot thank you enough!!

Tomas T.

Real good quality cake

Real good quality cake. My family enjoyed it. A bit pricey. But since it was valentines it was memorable. I'd like to see other cake options or visit your shop when in the area.

Lorie L.

My daughter was happy!

This was for My daughters birthday. She said it was amazing. I am not vegan but it was delicious. Will order more to taste other flavors. She has told her friends since she was So HAPPY.


This mini-course contain multiple-angle camera videos and high quality sound as the main elements for successful online education. 
Please, see some freeze frames from the lessons of this mini-course.