Avocado Key Lime Cake is Here!

Ready to start really living your best healthy life? Then this nut-free online course is for you. 

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Avocado Key Lime Cake is Here!

Ready to start really living your and your  kids best healthy life? Then this nut-free online course is for you. 

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I've got a lot to show you. 

My name is Olga. I teach how to make healthy cakes. I teach busy moms, professional bakers and all healthy enthusiasts. And I will change your view on desserts because they can be delicious and healthy for you and your family!


The Healthiest Cake For Toddles, Kids, Pregnant and Breastfeeding Moms


No eggs or dairy
No baked

No Nuts

Made with avocados
Allergy friendly for kids
Good for pregnant women


Gluten and soy free
No refined sugar
Colored by nature

Ready to make your kids happy?

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Avocado Cake

No any nuts in this cake. I will show you how to make a cake with avocados. But I promise, nobody will ever guess that this cake is made with avocados.

Colors by Nature

All colors that you see (layers of the cake, colorful truffles) are made by nature. We will be using fruit, veggie and superfood powder to color our cake. It's 100% safe for little kids and pregnant women.

Learn in 10 Detailed Video Lessons

Lesson 1. Coloring shredded coconut
Lesson 2. Raw nut-free chocolate truffles
Lesson 3. Superseed crust
Lesson 4. Avocado cream
Lesson 5. Coloring avocado cream
Lesson 6. Layering cake
Lesson 7. Professional unmolding of frozen cake
Lesson 8. Enrobing truffles
Lesson 9. Cake decoration
Lesson 10. Storing and deliver raw cakes

Bonus Lesson. Keto and diabetic-friendly recipe option.
Bonus Lesson. Raw nut-free white chocolate truffles
Bonus Lesson. Packing and selling boxes with truffles
Bonus Lesson. Toddler-friendly chocolate tart (nut-free, oil-free, no sugar added)

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The Best Allergy-friendly Recipes for Toddlers 

I made these two cakes - Avocado Key Lime and a bonus cake, Nut-free Chocolate Tart - many times for very little kids. I delivered it to kindergartens - the strictest establishments that do not allow a lot of foods to be delivered for kids' celebration. So, 100% healthy recipes are guaranteed.



Together with the main recipe of Avocado Key Lime, you will get four bonuses.

Bonus #1.
Keto and Diabetic Friendly Recipe

I will give you the recipe of Avocado Key Lime Cake made without sugar and any carbohydrates. This cake will be suitable for ketogenic diet and also for people suffered with diabetes, epilepsy and different autoimmune diseases with a strict sugar-free diet.

Bonus #2.
White Chocolate Truffles

Along with my original recipe where I use raw dark chocolate truffles, I will share with you one more recipe of nut-free white chocolate truffles. It's a good option if you need a completely caffein-free cake for your kids, family or customers.

Bonus #3.
Packing Truffles as Gift Box or for Sale

Along I will let you know how to pack and where to buy boxes and inserts for these truffles. And also information about storing and delivery will be provided.

Bonus #4.
The Best Toddler-friendly Chocolate Tart Recipe

My very favorite recipe for little kids is this Chocolate Tart made without nuts, oils and without syrups as well. Avocado, dates, bananas are the main ingredients for this cake! Sleep well, dear mama, you have a healthy every day treat for your baby now! :)
(And did I mentioned that you need just 20-30 minutes to make it?).

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Nut-Free Cake

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Original Price $157

  • Original recipe of my legendary nut-free Avocado Key Lime Cake including all steps of decoration (dark chocolate truffles, coloring shredded coconut, citrus chips)
  • Recipe for 6 and 8 inches cakes
  • Bonus #1. Keto and diabetic friendly recipe option
  • Bonus #2. White chocolate truffles recipe for completely caffein-free cake look
  • Bonus #3. Information about truffle gift boxes
  • Bonus #4. Recipe of toddler-friendly Chocolate tart (nut-free, oil-free, no sugar added)
  • Support from the teacher under each lesson
  • Lifetime access to the course

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All Nut-Free Recipes You Need To Make A Successful Celebration of Your Kids' Birthday

I sell this cake for $210 in my store. And now I am offering to add this recipe into your menu and cover the expenses for this mini-course by making just one cake for any of your family celebration.

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Reviews Of My Customers

(collected on my official store website by official review accelerator yotpo.com)

Izabella Z.

Absolutely delicious!

This is the second cake I’ve ordered from Olga and it is amazing! The avocado key lime is so light that it almost melts in your mouth like butter. Chef Olga makes each and every one of her cakes truly with love and joy! Thank you so much! And I’ll be ordering from you again soon!

Desiree F.

Avocado Key Lime Cake is a hit!

We purchased this cake for my son’s birthday who has several friends that are Vegan. It was a hit! Everyone loved the cake. I will definitely be purchasing more from Fity Sweet.

Elena S.

Delicious and healthy

I am huge fan of these cakes. Because here I am sure that quality is a priority and always in a high level. Fityswetty is the best on the market in South Florida. My favorite cakes here are avocado key lime, classic vanilla and lemon blueberrypibus, habitasse vitae cubilia odio sed.

Mary G.

Delicious 😋✨💚

The avocado key lime cake was absolutely delicious. Out of this world . 100% divine, full of flavor. Amazing ✨✨✨✨✨